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Would You Accept A Pay Cut If It Meant More Travel?

Would You Accept A Pay Cut If It Meant More Travel?

If your boss promised the opportunity to travel for the job, would you consider taking a pay cut? Well, a recent study says that plenty of us would.

For some 9-to-5 full-timers, travelling for work has historically been considered a bit of a drag, passed off as unproductive or unnecessary time away from the office and away from family.

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But the times are a-changing. A survey conducted by for Business has discovered that 30 percent of business travellers would be more than happy to take a pay cut if it meant they could travel more for work – proving that people are placing a greater value on experience rather than remuneration.


It’s not surprising given that communication and technology advancements are making our work and home lives increasingly intertwined. Why not have your cake (career) and eat it too (travel)?

Further to that, 55 percent of millennials say travel is their number one motivation to earn and to save money, so if you’re planning on spending your hard earned cash on travel anyway, why not start using it as a bargaining tool with your employer?

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The same survey also revealed the world’s fastest growing destinations for work trips. They predict that business travellers will start seeing cities like Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Guagzhou, New York, Budapest, Singapore, Hong Kong, Prague and Amsterdam appear more in their schedules.

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