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Why This Suitcase Has A 7000 Person Waiting List

Why This Suitcase Has A 7000 Person Waiting List

This game-changing new suitcase has a 7000 person long waiting list – so what’s all the fuss about?

We’ve seen our fair share of awesome luggage options in our time, but the new Raden suitcase takes the cake (and the icing and sprinkles too). For this is no ordinary bag – Raden’s new range will not only carry your stuff, but it’ll help you from overpacking, charge your devices and alert you to traffic on the way to the airport. And look super stylish while doing it.

The future is well and truly here.

Hello handsome.

Originating in New York, Raden has put their focus firmly on making life easier for travellers. Each of their luggage pieces are super light and incredibly strong, which makes gliding through airport terminals and over city sidewalks a breeze.

Boasting an integrated scale in its carry handle, a built-in charger that’ll provide up to four full phone charges and proximity Bluetooth sensors, its basically all you’d ever want out of travel luggage, packed together in one, ergonomic and sleek looking package.


So, about that wait list. According to Condé Nast Traveller, Raden currently has more than 7000 people on the list for their Pink Gloss carry-on suitcase.

“Customers really appreciate a smart product that looks sleek and would be desirable even without the tech built in,”Raden CEO Josh Udashkin told CN Traveller. Also, it also helps that Raden are offering a uniquely “millennial” style pink colour as well, which is bound to go over well with young travellers.

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Keen on getting one for yourself? Raden’s carry-on bags are currently sold out, but they do also offer a bigger size perfect for check-in luggage. That one will set you back $521AUD.

Get it here.

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