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This Roof Top Tent Is Here To Revolutionise Your Road Trip

This Roof Top Tent Is Here To Revolutionise Your Road Trip

Camping road trips are a way of life, but with the confusing construction of tents, paying for camping spots and the inevitable wombat visit late at night, it can be a bit of a hassle. Luckily, some geniuses just came up with a solution to your camping woes.

This is the iKamper Skycamp, a high quality and innovative hard shell tent that attaches to the roof of your car.

It’s brilliant.


Attaching to your car’s roof racks, the iKamper is a stable base to spend the night above the ground. The tents are waterproof, wind resistant and feature ceiling windows perfect for stargazing.

As the world’s only expandable hard shell roof tent, the Skycamper has a capacity to fit four people with entry via a compact ladder.


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In a rousing entry on their website, the guys behind iKamper shared that they were inspired by Mary Osborne’s Magic Tree, Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, and the freedom and spontaneity of living on the move.

As the tent is rather large – and cumbersome to ship – iKamper are going to run a Kickstarter to drum up pre-orders, secure better cargo rates and cut shipping costs for the buyer. Their hard top tent currently retails for $3950USD ($5212AUD), with the company offering two smaller models with slightly lower price points.

Their Kickstarter is set to start in the coming days – keep an eye on their website for more info.

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