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This Couple Who Met In Quarantine Are All The Proof You Need That Love Is Real

This Couple Who Met In Quarantine Are All The Proof You Need That Love Is Real

I will happily admit to being the most hopeless romantic you will ever meet. The type that cries in every Disney movie ever and is confident that the fuccboi you swiped right on will totally work out.

Having said that, if any of you can make it through this story without your heart completely melting, then it’s YOU who is wrong.

In a modern love story (that, frankly, had better end in marriage or I’ll be more heartbroken than the two people involved) New York freelance photographer Jeremy Cohen spotted his neighbour dancing like no-one was watching on her rooftop across the street.

Clearly being a photographer came in handy as he utilised his drone to ask for her number from a safe distance.

She obliged and he SET UP A DINNER DATE!! This part legit had me squealing. Look at him getting all groomed to have a separate-but-together date. He even colluded with the housemate to set up a table on the roof.

OMG GUYS IN PART THREE THEY START IRL DATES IN A BUBBLE!!! Yes, that absolutely needed to be in all caps. The guy literally became Bubble Boy so he could meet his quarantine rooftop girl. My WHOLE heart! I cannot deal.

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I’m just going to call it, this is the best thing you will read about this week. You guys, it’s literally Love In The Times Of Coronavirus.

Honestly, it makes me sad that all I can see from my tiny window are the brick walls of next door. Good one, Sydney.

(Lead Image: Twitter / @jerm_cohen)

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