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This Is How Each Country Is Dealing With Quarantine, And Yes It Involves A Lot Of Noise

This Is How Each Country Is Dealing With Quarantine, And Yes It Involves A Lot Of Noise

In a completely new event for our lifetimes, almost the entire world is in some level of lockdown to try and stop the spread of coronavirus. It’s weird, it’s making us all a bit anxious, but it’s also bringing people together in entirely new ways.

All around the world, people finding themselves stuck in their own homes are coming together with neighbours to connect in the best as safest way they’re able, and they’re getting pretty creative about the whole thing too.


Hehe, and the party goes on..

Covid 19 in Italy.

Posted by Qayum Khan on Sunday, March 15, 2020

Italy gets to go first because they’ve really been doing the most to keep spirits going as a community. By now we’re all familiar with the literal dance parties happening on balconies, and suburban sing-a-longs.


More recently, Melbournians have decided to…scream together? Look I get it, a big loud scream can actually be so therapeutic. But also, are you ok Melbourne? Some people claim it’s cheering, but you can decide for yourself.


The Brits got themselves together to actually cheer for a reason, like the classy folk they are. A Clap For Our Carers event was organised online and executed perfectly — even the Royal fam joined in.


Much like their partying neighbours, Spain also took to their balconies to make some sweet, sweet music together. Like, it’s actually GOOD. Is everyone there just born musical?


Brazil are also making themselves heard, by bashing on their pots and pans, apparently to protest their President.


Of COURSE Boston made this whole isolation as a community movement so damn COOL. Seriously, they get several videos because they are making me live. Like an entire block rapping along to The Notorious B.I.G.

And an entirely different block giving up a serious serve of soul juice.

In fact, Americans in general seem to be very into their front yard dance parties. There are a ridiculous number of clips to choose from all around the country.


Japanese drummers are parking themselves outside hotels of quarantined people and providing them with some very cool entertainment.


Many Egyptians are keeping it holy by joining in a group prayer from the social distance of their balconies.


Our neighbour putting on a live show!

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During these trying times, it’s important to spread a little joy and positivity…

Posted by Shauna Joan on Saturday, March 21, 2020


Malaysians are getting in on the block parties, partying on from their individual apartments. Yes, there are also DJs.


Having longer than the rest of us to get used to/ be driven to insanity by lockdowns, China has taken to recreating normal outdoor activities in the safety of their own homes. But yes, they did also start with shouting together from balconies.

They also invented the Wuhan Shake, and we should never forget.


☘☘☘☘2 days early sun was shining ☘Happy St Patrick’s day If we can’t go to the Parade we will have our own #RTEVIRTUALPARADE

Posted by Eimear Gallagher on Sunday, March 15, 2020


Please, please let me finish on this amazing thought. The Irish dealt with the loss of their St Patty’s day parade by throwing their own mini versions. Truly outstanding areas.

(Lead Image: Youtube / Storyful Rights Management)

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