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Here’s Your Schedule Of All The Free Live Fitness Classes On Instagram This Week

Here’s Your Schedule Of All The Free Live Fitness Classes On Instagram This Week

Let’s be honest, free fitness classes are pretty much always welcomed. They’re free after all. However, since social distancing became a thing, more and more of us are desperately reaching out for ways to stay active while we’re stuck indoors.

Is this because we’re all spending the day very close to our kitchens now, and snacking is inevitable? Probably. But also just to shake up the day, am I right?

Of course, for the moment you can still hire yourself a PT and go train in a park somewhere. For those of us without the dough and/or a safe way to get there, though, Instagram has done us the huge favour of creating a timetable for all the best live fitness events this week.

As you can see, classes are spread across Instagram Live, IGTV and Facebook Live — but they’re all absolutely free to tune in.

In the words of Cyrus Rose, not enough? No, I haven’t been binge-rewatching Gossip Girl, you have. Ok fine, it was me and I desperately need this free fitness class schedule in my life.

Don’t worry my recent or long-time fitness buffs — there’s a more in-depth version of the schedule to keep everyone happy. Voila:

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Download, stick in your calendars, use it as your background image – whatever floats your boat.

I don’t know about you, but I fully intend to come out of this isolation stint totally ripped. Well, fairly fit anyway, let’s not go crazy.

(Lead Image: Pexels / theformfitness)

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