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Canadian Hero Creates A Cheesy Poutine Potato Tornado

Canadian Hero Creates A Cheesy Poutine Potato Tornado

If you haven’t thought about gastro-porn Youtube series Epic Meal Time since 2010, this is bound to bring it all rushing back. Josh Elkin, one of the creators of the infamous video series, has come up with a stroke of culinary brilliance that is wonderful, terrifying, awe-inspiring and mouth-watering all at the same time – the Poutine Tornado.

Elkin is Canadian, and his magnificent creation is a riff on the traditional Quebecoise dish of hot chips (or “french fries”, as they call them in the northern hemisphere), cheese curds and brown gravy. Elkin has deconstructed the conventional poutine and rearranged the ingredients to form a tornado shape: a pillar of melted, gooey cheese curds surrounded by a spiral of hand-cut fries, all drenched in hot gravy.

(Photo: Josh Elkin/Twitter)


It’s obscene, and I want to put it in my body immediately. When it comes to delicious, calorie-tastic, cheese-and-potato dishes, it looks like Canada has even one-upped America – and that’s saying something.

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