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Brace Yourself For Some Coachella FOMO

Brace Yourself For Some Coachella FOMO

On this, the hump day between Coachella weekends one and two, we thought we’d taunt you with a few photos of how much fun everyone else had, and hopefully give you some inspiration to kick yourself into gear to go next year. The dessert beckons. Get on board.


#1 The scene in Palm Springs is set.

A photo posted by Owl Eyes // (@thisisowleyes) on

#2 If you’re reading this, it’s too late.

A photo posted by @jennngalvez (@jennngalvez) on

 #3 How do I go to here?

A photo posted by Crystal Pak (@crystalpak) on

#4 This looks like a very exclusive Coachella party that I feel 100% certain I’d be invited to. (Right?)

#5 What sorcery is this?

#6 These people could totally be my people.

A photo posted by A n g ı e (@anjellykurs) on

#7 If this isn’t a Mariah Carey tribute, I’m going to be very upset.

A photo posted by IAD (@aau_iad) on

#8 They say the Coachella withdrawal is real. We believe it.

A photo posted by @amyaknutson on

#9 Who built this backdrop? Can they do some work on my office?

A photo posted by Marc Traver ✓ (@mtn23) on

#10 And as the sun sets on another Coachella, we tuck our FOMO away until next year. Oh wait, there’s another one on this weekend. Damn it.

A photo posted by Jeanelle (@jea_nelly) on

(Lead image: Fred von Lohmann)

It’s never, ever too early to start planning for next year. Get to LA with Qantas.

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