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Meet The Very Good Dog Who Runs His Own Sweet Potato Store In Japan

Meet The Very Good Dog Who Runs His Own Sweet Potato Store In Japan

Meet Ken-kun, The Shiba Who Runs A Sweet Potato Stand In Japan

All dogs are good dogs, but some dogs are business moguls who run their own shop. Meet Ken-kun, a Shiba Inu who runs a sweet potato stand in Japan. I cannot even.

Ken-kun is the manager, cashier and greeter of Inu no Yakiimoyasan, a sweet potato stand in SapporoHokkaido. And he’s truly amazing at his job.


This Very Good Boy mans the stand daily, greeting customers and demanding the pats he very well deserves. Employee of the month material right there.


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Because he’s a dog, and dogs can’t do maths (though neither can I), Inu no Yakiimoyasan works on the honour system. Customers pick out a roast potato from a box outside the store, and put their coins in a change slot on the side.


“Because I’m a dog, I can’t make change,” says a sign next to the slot. If you don’t have the correct change, you’re encouraged to pay a bit extra as a donation to the stall. As if anyone would ever dare steal from Ken-kun without worrying that it would break his precious heart.

Besides, the sweet roast potatoes are a steal at ¥200 (AU$2.77). They’re the most popular item on the menu, but you can also buy roasted corn and shirts with Ken-kun on them. Ken-kun’s truly out here, hustling like a boss. Like, I deeply respect the barista at my favourite coffee shop, but I immediately fell in love with this dog’s business-savvy mind.

His owner comes by occasionally to help him run the store and take him for walks, but Ken-kun is definitely the boss here. His working conditions are pretty top-notch as well: he’s got a heater inside the store, and a fan outside for warmer days.

(Lead image: Ay Sauntmasako / Pixabay)

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