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Victoria’s Copping A Poutine Festival To Satisfy Your Chippies Craving

Victoria’s Copping A Poutine Festival To Satisfy Your Chippies Craving

The Poutine Festival Is Bringing Chips, Gravy And Cheese To Melbourne

The correct way to eat hot chippies is smothered in gravy and topped with copious amounts of cheese curds. AKA poutine, the greatest gift Canada ever gave us (besides thicc hockey players). Well, Victoria’s Ascot Vale is scoring an entire day of it, at the totes appropes-named Poutine Festival.

Some of Melbourne’s best food trucks will be parking in The Ascot Lot to dish up their version of the iconic hot chips dish.


Expect to see comfort food from The Poutine Project, Chris P. Bacon’s Crispy Bacon and from the burger masters at The Pickle & The Patty. There’ll be poutine from authentic Greek food purveyors Taste of Cyprus, the seafood kings and queens at Chef Calamari and from Spanish restaurant Asado Melbourne.


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The exact dishes they’ll be serving are still under wraps, but you literally can’t go wrong with poutine, so it’s bound to be a nice surprise. Here’s hoping the weather is on the brisk side so you can truly feel the warming goodness of all those hot chippies and gravy.

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Kona Pub and Brewery will be getting in on the action, serving its Longboard Lager and Hanalei IPA for $5 a pop. There’ll also be $10 Canadian Club cocktails up for grabs, because of course.

The Poutine Festival kicks off at 12pm on Saturday, August 24. Dogs are welcome all day, and it’s free entry.

It’s far from the only winter warmer in Victoria, though. There’s a Hot Chocolate Festival running all month long, and a Once Upon A Time in Hollywood-themed bar landing soon.

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