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Here’s How To Get Your Hands On A Super Limited-Edition Bottle Of Big Mac Sauce

Here’s How To Get Your Hands On A Super Limited-Edition Bottle Of Big Mac Sauce

Whether you’re feeling too lazy to cook or just on your way home from the pub, we can all agree that 1) a Big Mac is one of those universal meals that’s beloved by almost everybody and 2) the Big Mac Sauce is the best part.

If you’re a fine dining connoisseur with exceptional taste and an expert palate, chances are you’ve dreamed about all the other food you’d like to drown in Big Mac Sauce. Homemade burgers, tacos — you name it, they’d taste better covered in the secret concoction. Hell, just drinking it straight from the bottle is acceptable at this stage.


If this sounds like you, you’re in luck, because Maccas has bottled up the special sauce to raise money for McHappy Day — and it’s on sale right now.

An extremely limited stock of 144,000 bottles of Big Mac Sauce went on sale in participating McDonald’s restaurants around Australia today. A 500mL bottle will set you back $12, and profits from all sales will go towards Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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You’ll want to act quick. On the rare occasions that McDonald’s has sold Big Mac Sauce in the past, bottles sold out and ended up on eBay for thousands of dollars.

“We know that Big Mac Special Sauce has a loyal following, and we’re excited to bring back bottles of this Aussie favourite for our customers for a limited time,” said Jo Feeney, Director of Marketing at McDonald’s Australia.

Big Mac Sauce went on sale today and will be available in stores until it sells out.

(Lead image: McDonald’s)

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