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The Funniest Tweets From Last Night’s ‘Amazing Race Australia’ Premiere

The Funniest Tweets From Last Night’s ‘Amazing Race Australia’ Premiere

The Amazing Race Australia: The Funniest Tweets From The Premiere

The Amazing Race Australia is back, baby!

After being absent from our TV for five years, the new season kicked off last night with a brand-new host (former rugby league player Beau Ryan) and eleven hopeful teams. The teams began in Seoul, South Korea, but their epic trip around the world will see them cross oceans, travel continents and conquer the unknown in pursuit of the $250,000 cash prize.


The first episode of The Amazing Race Australia had flying nuns, a dumpling thief, awkward hugs, and we said goodbye to the first eliminated team — Gen Z Siblings, Alana and Niko.

But like most things, all the best action went down on Twitter.

Last night’s The Amazing Race Australia premiere retold in hilarious tweets:

First up, we meet the teams in Seoul, South Korea, and people are already loving this cast.

But then there are The Influencers, Sid and Ash, who we do not stan, mostly because they’re influencers, but also because they stole from nuns.

People are arguing about Beau as host.

The Nuns, Sister Judy and Therese, might be the most wholesome contestants we’ve ever had on this show.

The teams weren’t off to a great start and got lost during the very first challenge.

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But no one was as bad as the Gen Z team, who didn’t manage to complete any of the challenges and got sent home first.

Looks like this is going to be a great season!

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