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Macca’s Are Selling Onion Rings Now And Don’t Mind If I Do

Macca’s Are Selling Onion Rings Now And Don’t Mind If I Do

I really couldn’t tell you why, but even when I couldn’t stand putting any other greasy fast food menu item into my gob, I still love a good onion ring. I mean, maybe because onion is a veggie and therefore it’s slightly better for me, right? (I know that’s not right).

The real point here, though, is that McDonald’s are now making onion rings — but only for a month, until February 16.

It’s pretty much what it says on the tin — Aussie onions dipped in batter and deep fried. Just like all other onion rings. Just like deliciousness. They’ll be sold with Southern BBQ dipping sauce, which obviously interfers with the itegrity of the onion ring, but you know, whatever.

‘We’ll be serving-up golden onion rings across the country for the first time ever,’ Amanda Nakad, marketing manager of McDonald’s Australia, said in a statement.

They’ll also be added as a side dish to a new range of burgers (yes, new burg alert), including the ‘Aussie Angus’ and ‘Crispy BBQ McOz’, which apparently is a twist on the popular McOz.

The Aussie Angus though, apparently has the actual onion rings ON the burger, which I’m sure we can all get behind.

‘The all-new Aussie Angus burger is combined with 100 per cent Australian Angus beef and bacon to create a delicious burger we know our customers will enjoy,’ said Nakad.

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‘We’re also giving the much-loved McOz a fresh twist, with the arrival of the Crispy BBQ McOz to our menu. Building on the original, this burger pairs crispy onions and Southern BBQ Sauce with locally-sourced beef and beetroot.’

Time for Macca’s drive thru?

(Lead Image: McDonald’s Australia)

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