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Beer-Lovers Can Now Do A Five Week Cycling Pub Crawl Through Europe

Beer-Lovers Can Now Do A Five Week Cycling Pub Crawl Through Europe

There are people who love beer. And then there are people who love beer. The ones who’ll travel according to the best beer festivals, stay in craft beer hotels or even sleep in giant beer cans. Hell, they’ll take a spa in the stuff. But the question is: do you love beer enough to follow it around Europe on bike?


There’s a new cycling pub crawl from TDA Global Cycling that’ll take riders through all the most important beer stops in Europe. For five glorious weeks.


Starting off in the world’s home of beer, Dublin, the tour will take you through the Temple Bar district, then on a quick ferry to Scotland and a biking tour through England‘s rural countryside.


Once you hit London, you’ll cross the English Channel over to France where you’ll visit Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. The tour will finish up at two of the world’s most famous breweries, Carlsberg and Tuborg, in Copenhagen, Denmark.


It’s certainly an all-star tour for the biggest beer-lovers in the world.

This is more about appreciating the beer rather than gulping down as much as you can. And of course, don’t drink and ride.

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You can do the tour in June 2018 for around $12,000 (€8,300) for the full five weeks, or around $7300 (€4950) for 15 days.

Find out more info here.

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