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From $15 In Qatar To $2 In South Africa, This Is How Much Beer Costs Around The World

From $15 In Qatar To $2 In South Africa, This Is How Much Beer Costs Around The World

Can we just talk about how buying a beer in Australia is so bloody exxy? Especially when you’re a beer snob, like moi, and only craft beer will do (I like my IPAs ok, so shoot me).

Is ours the most expensive price around the world though?

We also drink a lot, let’s be honest with ourselves. It’s hot here, who could blame us. Hell, I’m literally sipping on a Stone & Wood as I type (it’s allowed, probably).

Do we drink the most beer in the world though? For some reason, all these questions have been answered by Expensivity’s 2021 Beer Index.

The short answer is no, Australia does not boast the most expensive beer in the world, and frankly I’m perfectly ok with that. Qatar wins that title, with an average price of about AUD$14.29 per 330ml bottle. I mean SURE you can find plenty of pints for $10 to $15 here, but they’re bigger.

The cheapest beer is sold in South Africa, where the average price is about AUD$2.13 per bottle. Having been there, I can confirm it’s a damn delight for our exchange rate.


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As for who drinks the most beer, we don’t even win that title. Again, that’s probably a good thing, although I’m a tad surprised.

The Czech Republic actually has the highest consumption rate in the world, guzzling down 468 beers per person each year. Having lived in Prague, I can again confirm this isn’t surprising. In a restaurant, a half litre of beer is cheaper than water so, like, what else are you meant to do? A Pilsner Urquell also happens to be delish.

Meanwhile, Germans are the people forking out the most for their beer, racking a national average of about AUD$2421.99 each a year. Outstanding work, Germany.

You can read the full list of results here.

(Lead image: Unsplash / Wil Stewart)

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