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Beauty Salons In NSW Will Re-open On June 1, So You Can Finally Get Your Iso Nails Did

Beauty Salons In NSW Will Re-open On June 1, So You Can Finally Get Your Iso Nails Did

Beauty Salons Reopen In NSW On June 1 As Restrictions Continue To Lift

Raise your hand if your lewk has been personally victimised by lockdown? Thought so. Thankfully, as COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease, we now know the date beauty salons reopen: June 1.

The news broke over the weekend, when NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said that beauty salons, including tanning, nail and waxing salons, can re-open as long as they meet certain safety standards.

“Of all of the requests I’ve had as Health Minister in the last three months, this has been the one that I think has topped the barrel,” Hazzard said. “I’ve even had text messages in the middle of other meetings telling me how bad the acrylic nails are. I didn’t even know there were such a thing as acrylic nails, but I now know that.”

Like all venues allowed to re-open, salons must maintain proper social distancing measures. A maximum of 10 customers will be allowed in a venue at a time. Of course, everyone inside the venue has to stay 1.5 metres away from other people.

Of course, that means that not all salons will be able to re-open, so keep an eye on your go-to’s socials to see if they’re open for business.

Life in NSW is going to change pretty dramatically on June 1. Pubs, clubs and restaurants will be allowed to seat 50 people, and regional travel will be back on the table. We can’t wait!

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