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NSW Pubs And Restaurants Can Seat 50 People From June 1, So Crack Open The Baileys

NSW Pubs And Restaurants Can Seat 50 People From June 1, So Crack Open The Baileys

This is NOT a drill! Earlier today,  NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced that New South Wales pubs, clubs and restaurants would be able to invite 50 diners through their doors at a time from June 1.

As can be expected, the new allowances come with strict rules to continue to enforce social distancing — and I mean great, I don’t want the riff raff sitting too close anyway.

Basically, guests must be seated before they can be served and they must be far enough apart to meet a four-square-metre requirement.

The announcement comes just one week after the 10-patrons at a time rule was put into place, after which many venues found it still wasn’t financially viable to open.

What’s already open?

Having said that, a few of our favourite restaurants around the country started opening up for exclusive hire for groups of 10 (or more, depending which state they were in). Seriously, check out the list here because there is some super cool stuff happening, and who knows if it’ll continue when things go back to normal?

Of course, many places did open up last weekend to soothe our souls and save us (me) from our own cooking. We made a list of some of our favourites around Sydney here.

In case you missed it, June 1 was already set to be a bloody big one in New South Wales, following the news that it would be open for state-wide travel for any reason, including just for a cheeky holiday.

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I honestly don’t know how I’m going to readjust to (almost) normal life again. What even is a ‘cafe buzz’. What even is it to socialise? But also who cares, because I’m living for the challenge.

See you all (from a safe, social distance) on June 1!

(Lead Images: Pexels / ELEVATE)

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