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Here’s What’s Actually Opening When Victoria Eases Restrictions On June 1

Here’s What’s Actually Opening When Victoria Eases Restrictions On June 1

Victoria Restrictions Easing: Here's What's Changing On June 1

Victorians are finally catching a break, with Premier Daniel Andrews announcing that a number of the state’s COVID-19 restrictions will be easing on June 1.

The new rule, which relate to gatherings; and restaurants, cafes and pubs re-opening, will take affect from 11:59pm on 31 May.

Andrews said the low rate of community transmissions combined with the high rate of testing means the message to the public can change from “stay home” to “stay safe”.

Here’s how the Victoria restrictions are easing on June 1.

From June 1, people in Victoria will be allowed to have gatherings of 20 people indoors, and can stay overnight at private residences.

A number of businesses will be allowed to re-open to a maximum of 20 customers at a time. Those businesses include restaurants, cafes and pubs, beauty salons, tattoo parlours and spas.

Galleries, museums, amusement parks, drive-in cinemas, zoos, arcades and public pools can also re-open to 20 people as long as social distancing rules are followed.

Up to 20 people will be allowed to attend weddings, with up to 50 people being allowed at funerals.

Campgrounds and caravan parks will re-open, but communal facilities like kitchens and bathrooms will stay closed.

You should still maintain social distancing and use common sense, and you should continue to work from home if possible

Andrews said the Victorian restrictions are likely to ease even further on June 22 if community transmissions remain low. From that date, all going well, the number of people allowed in social venues will increase from 20 to 50. Places like gyms and cinemas will also be re-opening.

You can see the Premier’s full statement below:

The new restrictions are similar to what’s happening in NSW, with restaurants opening for dine-in service again and beauty salons set to open on June 1.

For the full list of the Victoria restrictions coming into affect on June 1, check out the Victorian Government website here. You can also find the current restrictions on this page, just in case you need a refresher.

(Lead image: Tim Mossholder / Unsplash)

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