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Aldi Is About To Drop Electric Scooters Online That You Can Actually Afford

Aldi Is About To Drop Electric Scooters Online That You Can Actually Afford

On a very recent trip to Darwin, I had the pleasure of using one of those Lime electric scooters that you can hire like little Ubers. It. Was. The. Best.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that since then, I’ve frantically been looking up prices of electric scooters, and checking Facebook Marketplace like there’s no tomorrow. So I can tell you that you’re typically looking upwards of $600 for a scooter with any kind of actual power.

This is why I’m pretty bloody keen for the next Aldi Special Buys, which includes an online exclusive chance to bag yourself one of two different types of electric scooters.

As we know, Aldi has recently announced an online portal for select Special Buy products — which is obviously a game-changer for those of us who have lined up with the oldies outside the store for hours to nab a bargain.

Next week’s online exclusive — dropping at 8.30am on Saturday, June 19 — will be Segway Scooters. The first style is selling for $349 with a 16km/hr top speed, a 10km travel range, spring shock absorption, a seven percent hill grade and more.

If your area is more hilly (like say, the ENTIRETY of Sydney), you might want to go for the second option. This heavier duty option can travel up to 25km/hr with a 25km range, a 15 percent hill grade and a triple brake system all for $599.

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You can head over here (at the right time on the right day) to try and nab one before they sell out.

No word yet on whether they’ll also start selling their chocolate online, now that Aussies have voted it in as the best in the country.

(All images: provided by Aldi Australia)

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