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Aldi Is Running A Huge Sale On Snow Gear This Month, From Ski Jackets To Snow Boots

Aldi Is Running A Huge Sale On Snow Gear This Month, From Ski Jackets To Snow Boots

Snow bunnies (or those aspiring to be), get excited because Aldi’s just announced a Special Buys on a range of snow gear to get you out on the slopes dressed from head-to-toe for under $139.99.

One of the biggest barriers to a snow trip for me — a person who snowboarded once and would have loved it if the snow wasn’t so cold — is how pricey it can be to buy or even hire gear for an activity I don’t know if I’ll do more than once. Certainly not more than once a year.

So the chance to kit yourself out for a reasonable price and dip your toe into a winter wonderland is pretty hard to resist. Especially when that budget gear is actually high quality.

Aldi’s range of the Snow Gear Special Buys was designed in Austria to be able to stand up to all extreme weather conditions — and we all know Austria sees a lot more snow than Australia. The range is made from powerful and renewably sourced wadding, meaning the outer garments are insulated, breathable, moisture resistant and heat retentive.

There’ll be six varieties of snow jackets to have you ready for any snow-adjacent activity, from a light knit jacket for $39.99 and soft shell jackets for $59.99, to superior windproof, waterproof, breathable shell jackets with a removable inner jacket for $119.99 that’s suitable for all conditions.

You can match those with four different types of snow pants to keep you warm and dry, and a range of accessories including face masks, beanies, neck warmers, cabin socks, gloves, boots and balaclavas ranging from $4.99 to $34.99.

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There’ll be a bunch of thermals and fleecy layers to get cosy once you’re back inside by the fire too.

The sale is set for Saturday, May 22 so keep an eye on the website for more details and get ready to line up.

(All images: provided / Aldi Australia)

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