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The 10 Best Bakeries In The US, According To Instagram

The 10 Best Bakeries In The US, According To Instagram

The bizarro dessert revolution is well and truly here. First there were freakshakes, then the rainbow bagels, and then the ice cream covered in real gold. Crazy-looking sweet foods are the hot-ticket item these days, and nowhere is this more true than Instagram.

Fittingly, the social media site have just released a list of the most geo-tagged bakeries in the US and the results are pretty sweet (sorry). Scroll through and just try to not feel depressed about your boring lunch today.

Let’s count them down…

#10 Tartine Bakery, San Francisco

This super popular eatery has brought a serving of French flair to the Bay Area. Using only organic ingredients, Tartine Bakery make breakfast pastries, hot pressed sandwiches and coffee in a typical San Francisco setting.

#9 Porto’s Bakery, Glendale, California

Porto’s Bakery isn’t your regular French-style patisserie – rather, this Glendale institution delivers delicious Euro-Cuban pastries including cheese rolls, potato balls and decadent looking cakes often made with port and Bavarian cream. All of this is at a ridiculously affordable price, too.

#8 Carlo’s Bakery, Hoboken, New Jersey

Italian pastries ain’t easy to perfect, but Carlo’s Bakery in New Jersey have them down to an art. With decadent looking cannoli flooding the front cabinets of the ’70s era shopfront, this place is also known for its relation to the TV show Cake Boss.

#7 Magnolia Bakery, NYC

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Possibly one of the most famous bakeries in the world, Magnolia Bakery‘s humble Bleeker Street location has spawned a cupcake revolution. While the frosted delights are the most popular items on the menu, try their signature banana pudding too.

#6 Georgetown Cupcake, Washington DC

Serving up over 100 different types of cupcakes, Georgetown Cupcake is DC’s shining glory. Keep an eye out for their daily specials which include lava fudge, coffee cookies and creme, vegan carrot and key lime.

#5 California Donuts, LA

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California Donuts is where you can find almost every flavour of donut under the Los Angeles sun. Try the green tea donuts for something different.

#4 Voodoo Doughnuts, Portland, Oregon

We’ve waxed lyrical about Voodoo Doughnuts before, but it certainly bears repeating – there’s over 100 different flavours offered at Voodoo’s three stores in Oregon, and some of these were surely created by a mad genius. Some favourites include: the Loop doughnut (it’s covered in Fruit Loops), Diablos Rex doughnut (chocolate covered with a vanilla frosted pentagram) and the mega Tex-Ass Challenge doughnut (a giant abomination that equals six of Voodoo’s regular sized doughnuts – if you finish it in 80 seconds or less, you get your money back).

#3 Ladurée Soho, NYC

Stepping into Ladurée Soho is like stepping right onto Paris’ iconic shopping strip, the Champs-Élysées. Pastel colours run wild, cutesy antique furniture abounds and the food is equally as photogenic – think colourful macarons, decadent deserts and teas galore.

#2 Dominique Ansel Bakery, NYC

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Dominique Ansel Bakery is known around town for one thing, and one thing only – the cronut. This Soho bakery is so popular, people spend multiple hours lining up for this croissant/doughnut hybrid and the word on the street (well, Instagram) is that it’s definitely worth the wait.

#1 Café Du Monde, New Orleans

And the winner is… a New Orleans mainstay. Café Du Monde have been serving up their world-famous beignets (deep-fried French style pastries) since way back in 1862. It’s no wonder they’re now the most Instagrammed bakery in the US. Even Sir Patrick Stewart is a fan.

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(h/t Lonely Planet, lead image: Creme De La Chic)

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