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You Can Invite Rescued Farm Animals To Your Zoom Meetings, And I’ll Take The Pig Please

You Can Invite Rescued Farm Animals To Your Zoom Meetings, And I’ll Take The Pig Please

Now that the entire working world lives on Zoom, we’ve been seeing some pretty crazy things.

There are the bosses who test out filters then spend the whole meeting as a potato. Then there’s Hamish Blake crashing confidential meetings. And now, NOW you can have the best thing of all: a cute goat or llama dropping in to talk ‘bizness’.


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An American-based nonprofit animal rescue and sanctuary, Sweet Farm, is giving Zoom users all over the world an opportunity to chat with a real-life animal of your choosing from their farm. Well, actually, due to very popular demand since the Goat-2-Meeting experience was announced, they’ve now partnered with fellow animal sanctuaries, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and Charlie’s Acres.

Who knew that this was actually all I wanted from life?

I won’t lie, the experience will cost you, but you can get a few workmates (or just mate-mates) involved and it ain’t no thing. Not to mention it’s all a donation back to the farms so they can continue their work.

Experiences start at USD$65 ($102) for a 20-minute virtual private tour of the farm for up to 6 people. Then you have a 10-minute corporate meeting cameo with one of the animals for unlimited guests at USD$100 ($157) or 25-minutes for USD$250 ($393). Finally you have the 25-minute VIP meeting tour also with unlimited guests for USD$750 ($1,180).

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Spot the llama.

Head here to book your meeting, like, now.

It’s honestly hard to say who will get the most out of this — you, because adorable animals in your boring work meetings, or the animals, because they’ll continue to be rescued from factory farming.

Probably you.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @thesweetfarm)

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