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An Aussie Artist Created A ‘Kath & Kim’ Colouring And Activity Book So Grab The Bailey’s

An Aussie Artist Created A ‘Kath & Kim’ Colouring And Activity Book So Grab The Bailey’s

Fire up the footy franks and grab yourself a bottle of Bailey’s, because we’re celebrating. There’s a new colouring and activity book available to download and it’s noice, it’s different, it’s unusual. Yes, it’s Kath & Kim.

Honestly, all hail Chloe Pisani — Melbourne-based artist and designer of this book that we all so desperately need in our lives.

“After five days hard work, I’m so damn pleased with how it’s turned out! This eight page masterpiece (if I do say so myself ) can be all yours for just the price of a coffee,” Chloe said on an Instagram post.

For only $6 you can nab yourself eight pages of isolation-approved entertainment from your fave mother/ daughter duo… and their best friend, of course. There is also an option to pay more, if you’re able to and want to a support local business.

“For those who have a [little] bit of a disposable income at the moment, who may want to support a small business, you can opt to also pay as you feel,” explains Chloe in the same post. “All sales for this colouring book will go towards [my] living expenses such as rent, food and medication.”

Want a preview? Of course you do, you hornbags. Here you go:


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By the way, those activities include two paper dolls, four colouring pages, a maze, and a word find. That’s a solid day’s worth of staying busy, I’d say. Preferably with Kath & Kim also playing on your telly.

Now I just have one word to say to you: go ahead and download it right here, tootsuite, before you loose your mind from boredom.

You can also find more very excellent work of Chloe’s on her Instagram, @cactvs_au.

(Lead Image: Kath & Kim)

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