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Here’s What Your Star Sign Says About Your Eating Habits

Here’s What Your Star Sign Says About Your Eating Habits

Horoscopes are absolutely one of those things that everyone claims are ridiculous, and yet we all gleefully read our own fortunes when no one else is looking. Don’t even pretend you don’t, I see you.

So then, why not use horoscopes to work out everyone’s eating habits?

Menulog recently ran a ‘Astrology for Appetiser’ survey of 1000 Australians over 18 earlier this month, to reveal find out if our star signs could have some relation to our eating habits.

The results are hardly conclusive, but they’re fun nonetheless. Please enjoy.


Apparently Aries are the most likely to eat in front of the TV (lol, apparently they haven’t met my Taurus arse), order delivery and usually make it comfort food.


True to our reputation for loving luxury and indulgence, while only an average of eight percent of other signs will indulge on food, 20 percent of Taureans will. We’re also the least likely to let anyone else have a bite of our meals — but like, we’re fair people so I can guarantee we offered to buy you your own before we ordered, so that’s on you mates.


A whopping 52 percent of Geminis are likely to pick a sweet treat over a savoury meal. I know nothing good about Geminis, but apparently this mirrors their “bubbly and sweet personalities”, so maybe I’ve just met the wrong ones.


Cancer may be intuitive when it comes to other people, but they’re rather indecisive with food but will turn to food delivery purely for convenience. They also aren’t taken in by looks, they care about taste. Bless Cancer, honestly.


These strong personalities love a spicy dish, which makes total sense. Their generous nature also makes them super happy to share their meals with other people.


Is anyone shocked to hear that Virgo are the pickiest eaters of the zodiac? No, we’re not. They’re 36 percent more likely to be super selective about what they eat, and are also least liekly to pick something vegan.


The love a Libra has for the great outdoors and getting social may explain why they’re most likely to eat for fuel over taste — it’s quantity over quality for these guys.

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The ambition of a Scorpio gives them very little time to eat before planning their latest domination tactics. As such, only three percent of Scorpios say they’re passionate about food, and only four percent say they’d indulge in it.


Sagittarius are super unlikely to order anything for breakfast, probably because they’re still recovering from last night’s activities). Once they wake up though, there’s a high chance they’ll get their food delivered.


As in the rest of their lives, Capricorn are the most likely to get experimental with their food — just as long as the quality is still high enough. They’re also more likely to get their food delivered purely for convenience.


While the majority of Aquarius prefer sweet over savoury and love to indulge a late-night snack craving, they’re still the most likely to order chicken of all the zodiacs. There also better be enough per serve, as quantity is important to them.


Apparently Pisces get a little too into the fish thing, because they are the zodiac with the biggest love for seafood. They also value quantity more than any other sign, and are one of the most likely to use a food app every day.

(Lead Image: Unsplash / Pablo Merchán Montes)

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