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Tourism NZ Has Gloriously Taken The Piss Out Of Instagram Influencers In Their Latest Ad

Tourism NZ Has Gloriously Taken The Piss Out Of Instagram Influencers In Their Latest Ad

Tourism New Zealand has dropped another hilarious ad promoting travel to the country, but this one comes with a caveat: they really, really don’t want you “travelling under the social influence.”

Kiwis are known for their dry humour and where better to exercise a bit of harmless savagery than in an international tourism campaign?

In Tourism New Zealand’s latest ad, comedian Tom Sainsbury is a member of the ‘Social Observation Squad’ (S.O.S), ready to reprimand travellers copying the same old tired Instagram influencer shots.

He sets off in hot pursuit of visitors conducting photoshoots in classic social media locations and poses.

“You know them,” he says, grabbing out his phone and showing us his Instagram feed. “‘Hot tub back shot’; ‘man sits quietly on the rock, contemplating’; ‘hot dog legs’; and the classic one in these parts – ‘the summit spreadeagle’.”

He approaches a couple mid-spreadeagle, berating them saying, “Hi guys, I’ve seen all this before – we all have.”

Tourism NZ wants visitors to “think outside the square” instead of continuing to imitate the same old stuff. They are encouraging you to do something new, somewhere new. And this is exactly why:

The ad goes on to show how New Zealand is brimming with epic locations and activities (many beyond the usual Instagram hot spots), so this should be pretty easy to accomplish. In fact, it’d be a shame if you didn’t.

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After picking up the rogue couple at Roy’s Peak, Sainsbury then drops them off to “enjoy the wineries on those bikes” before being called out to the next social influencer emergency.

It’s the perfectly balanced mockery Tourism New Zealand’s ad campaigns are known for. And people are loving this tongue-in-cheek video for challenging the usual cliches.

The ad is part of a larger tourism push with the tagline “Do something new, New Zealand,” aimed at inspiring more domestic tourism and rediscovering “our backyard with new eyes” in response to the pandemic.

Here’s where everyone is heading when that New Zealand travel bubble finally opens up.

(Lead Image: Tourism NZ)

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