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Sydney Made The Top 10 World’s Most Instagrammable Places, Because Of Course We Did

Sydney Made The Top 10 World’s Most Instagrammable Places, Because Of Course We Did

While we’re not going to be able to jet off to far-flung destinations for a while, it’s still fascinating to see the places travellers around the world post the most to their social media. Read: the locations they want to show off.

Travel company Big 7 Travel love a list. They decided to analyse the number of hashtags per destination and survey their 1.5 million person audience. They then combined the findings with input from their global editorial team to figure out ‘The 50 Most Instagrammable Places In The World 2021’.

You’d expect Australia to make the cut – and it did. Sydney slid into the top 10 with more than 32 million #sydney hasthags on social media. “Harbour views, iconic architecture and Aussie charm” were also big factors in the decision.

“Whether you want to capture the natural beauty of the harbour and hidden beaches or the atmosphere of one of Australia’s most beloved cities at the Sydney Opera House or Harbour Bridge, you’re covered,” said Big 7 Travel.

Interestingly, New Zealand didn’t make the list at all, but if their glorious new tourism ad is anything to go by, that will make them very happy.

Here are the globe’s top 10 most Instagrammable places, which, for the most part, are all major cities.

#10 Chicago, USA


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Chicago? You may find yourself asking, but the Windy City is actually quite photogenic – and there are over 50 million hashtags to prove it.

There’s the iconic ‘bean’ in Millennium Park as well as some truly awesome architectural landmarks (the river boat architecture tours are actually really great) – not to mention the city’s own stretch of beach on the shores of Lake Michigan. And you can’t forget the plenty of fab cafes and restaurants like Hampton Social just built for the ‘gram.

#9 London, UK

London is one of those cities that just can’t take a bad picture – search Instagram and you’ll discover more than 145 million photos tagged with the #London hashtag,” says Big 7 Travel.

Whether you’re into the opulence of Buckingham Palace, the sweetness of the iconic candy-coloured houses of Notting Hill or sweeping views from the London Eye, this city has something for everyone. Including endless charming pubs, cafes and restaurants.

#8 Sydney, Australia


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Ah, Sydney, you photogenic sonofabitch. Beaches within 20 minutes of the CBD, incredible coffee and food culture, a spectacular harbour, abundant greenery and so much more are on offer in Australia’s biggest city. With over 32 million hashtags, Sydney’s popularity is obvious.

#7 Havana, Cuba

Havana’s frozen in time allure is one of the things that make it so unbelievably photogenic. With the crumbling colonial buildings and candy coloured classic cars left and right, the vintage charm is unmissable,” explains Big 7 Travel. You’re in for mural-ridden alleys, old-world glamour of La Guardia and allure of Old Havana. Spotty wifi isn’t stopping people from posting either, with four million hashtags for #cuba.

#6 Dubai, UAE

Dubai is made to be one of the most Instagrammable places across the globe – it’s a veritable Insta hub (and you either love or hate that fact).

It’s all about the OTT here, with Dubai home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, like the Burj al Arab and the legendary underwater Atlantis, The Palm. Grammers also love snapping one of the world’s most beautiful gardens, Dubai Miracle Garden.

#5 Istanbul, Turkey


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It’s where Europe and Asia meet, a perfect, magical melting pot. Browse Istanbul‘s the world-famous Grand Bazaar with trinkets, spices and Turkish lamps galore, head to the arresting Hagia Sofia and spectacular Blue Mosque, or dine at the many waterside or rooftop venues to take in this very special place.

#4 New York City, USA

The Big Apple, The City of Dreams and The City That Never Sleeps – no matter what you call it, NYC is unforgettable.

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“Be sure to capture the timeless charm of Brooklyn, the romantic rowboats of Central Park and then head to the tippy top of the Empire State Building,” says Big 7 Travel, adding that the most popular spot for pro-Instagrammers is, of course, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

#3 Paris, France


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Paris is the city of love and light and oozes charm around every corner. Fromuzzing bistros and brasseries, to corner street musicians, to the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower – très bon.

Paris is one of the world’s most iconic and beloved cities, with romance, history and style galore. Capturing the true essence of the Parisian lifestyle is almost a sport for ‘grammers.

#2 The Philippines

Home to incredible natural wonders like an underground river and tranquil rice terraces, a vibrant culture and history spanning several millennia, as well as over 7,500 islands, the Philippines as a country is extremely Instagrammable.

Whether you want the chaos of Manila’s streets to the beach oasis of Boracay or epic diving around El Nido, the ‘gram opportunities here are endless.

#1 Tokyo, Japan

Are you even surprised? With ancient shrines, insane art exhibits, chaotic neon-lit billboards, robot restaurants, mouthwatering food and wild fashion, Tokyo is a hit on the ‘gram.

“The bustling Japanese capital is also famous for its buzzing shopping markets perfect for capturing the essence of life in Tokyo. Take a look at Instagram and your mind will be blown: more than 53 million #tokyo hashtags reveal why this city is the most Instagrammable place in the world for 2021,” says Big 7 Travel.

For the full list of 50, click here. And if you’re wondering what places in Australia the rest of the world wants to snap, here are the three destinations topping people’s lists (and no, it doesn’t include Sydney).

(Lead image: Unsplash / Taine Noble)

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