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Zac Efron Has Started An Adventure Travel Vlog And We’re So Here For It

Zac Efron Has Started An Adventure Travel Vlog And We’re So Here For It

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When Zac Efron sang “Get your head in the game”, did anyone ever think that the game in question would be travel vlogging? Because that’s exactly what the actor and Total Hunk TM is doing now so sign us up, baby.

Zac Efron has started a YouTube channel with a travel series called Off the Grid. It’s a weird flex for the actor but we’re here for it.


Together with his brother Dylan, the star of our high school fantasies is travelling to remote, off-the-grid locations and filming his adventures. They’ve already dropped the first Off the Grid video, where they spend four days at Lake Mohave, Arizona.


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It’s a lot of footage of buff, shirtless men swimming, making friends with some very cute wild donkeys, waterboarding and setting off fireworks. They show off their cooking skills – and somehow manage to make better dinners at a campsite than I can with a fully equipped kitchen – and share a morning workout session using rocks from the lake as weights.

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It’s all very predictable but cute. They say they’ll be putting out one video a week, so there’s plenty more travel inspo to look forward to.


Efron says that getting out and exploring the wild is one of the coolest things he’s done in his life and he definitely looks like he’s having a blast with his brother and their friends. Hopefully the rest of the videos are this wholesome, because it’s cuuute.


Along with the travel videos, Efron will also be doing a regular exercise series on his channel. Looks like this could be the start of something new.

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