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This Woman Made The Ultimate Fake Travel Video By Recreating An Entire Airport In Her House

This Woman Made The Ultimate Fake Travel Video By Recreating An Entire Airport In Her House

Fake Travel Video: This Woman Recreated An Entire Airport In Her Home

When we say we miss travel, we mostly mean we miss the destinations and not, you know, waiting at the airport for hours and cramming ourselves in the middle seat of a plane. So it’s wild that one woman recreated an entire airport in her house just to film a fake travel video to end them all.

When coronavirus restrictions put an end to Dana Jondahl’s birthday plans, she shared a fake travel video recreating the experience she would have had.

For most people, that would involve faking the view out a plane window, like the #faketravel challenge that went around TikTok earlier this year.

But Jondahl went above and beyond. She recreated an entire airport in her house, complete with a cardboard x-ray machine, massive inflatable plane and multiple costume changes.

The incredibly detailed video shows her reliving every part of the travel experience, even the parts most of us would rather skip. First she prints her boarding pass at a self-service check-in screen, then makes her way through screening and security and convinces a TSA agent to let her keep a bottle of alcohol.


She even filmed herself waiting for ages to board her flight (which is actually great, by the way). Her three-minute long fake travel video is like a Russell Coight sketch that just keeps going, and going, and going. And then you realise the punchline is actually unfolding before your eyes.

Finally, she boards her inflatable plane, demolishes her free snacks and tries to find a comfortable position to sleep in her seat.

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The video has racked up over 700,000 views, and has resonated with people who are feeling nostalgic for travel.

“I haven’t seen anything this awesome in a while!” wrote one user, which might be a sad reflection of our current situation but is also very true.

(Lead image: Dana Nicole Jondahl / Facebook)

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