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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Floats

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Floats

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What is it? The absolute yummiest chocolate and gelati treats from a quaint little milk bar in Edinburgh.

Where can you get it? Mary’s Milk Bar right in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. The genius behind this cosy spot is Mary Hillard, a chocolatier who has studied at Gelato University (that’s a real place, we checked).

What’s in it? The pièce de résistance at Mary’s is their Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Floats. They’re a special combo of every version of hot chocolate you can think of, mixed with the insane flavour combinations of Mary’s signature ice creams. Eclectic tastes like coffee choc-chip, orange and bay leaf, rose and baklava and earl grey tea with citrus peel are just some of the gelato flavours you can add to top off your toasty warm hot chocolate. Our pick is their Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Hot Chocolate with Spiced Cherry Ice Cream. Yummo.

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Is it good for you? When the proprietor of this establishment boasts that they have been to the esteemed Gelato University, you shut up and eat whatever it is they put in front of you.

How much does it cost? Quite inexpensive for high quality ice cream and hot chocolates. Grab a spot at the front window to overlook Edinburgh castle while you eat your body weight in sweets.

(Photo: Mary’s Milk Bar/Facebook)
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