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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Fish & Chips Flavoured Ice Cream

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Fish & Chips Flavoured Ice Cream

What is it? Well seeing as Britons love their beloved fish and chips so much, they decided to turn it into a dessert by making fish and chips flavoured ice cream. Seriously.

Where can you get it? UK Ice cream manufacturer Fredericks Dairies are the masterminds behind this “homage to the nation’s favourite dish”. Fun fact: Aussies have even tried their hand at fish and chips ice cream with a limited edition flavour popping up at Il Gelato in Perth back in 2011.


What’s in it? The funniest part is they’ve tried to make it look exactly like fish and chips. The cod-flavoured ice cream is coated in a vanilla and pepper batter then deep fried – the accompanied chippies are made from potato flavoured ice cream as well and are served alongside some wedges (actual wedges this time, not ice cream).

Is it good for you? I guess it’s better than the fried alternative?

How much does it cost? Pretty much on par with a Magnum or Maxibon. It might be a little hard to find it these days seeing as Fredericks Dairies was taken over by R & R Ice Cream a few years ago, but if you search hard enough in a UK supermarket crisper, we reckon you might find some gold.

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