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You Can Zipline Over A Pit Of Alligators In Florida

You Can Zipline Over A Pit Of Alligators In Florida

You may be well aware but the US state of Florida is well known for its ‘gators. It’s a place where one might try to trade an alligator for a slab of beer, or maybe even dress one up and potty train it like you would a pet dog.


I mean, I’ll just say it – Florida‘s a pretty weird and wonderful place. So it makes complete sense when we learned that a zoo in Florida have installed a zipline that runs right over an alligator enclosure because, well… of course they did.


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St Augustine Alligator Farm has been home to a number of alligators, crocodiles, turtles, snakes and other exotic animals and offers an entertaining and educational look into the lives of these creatures. Located in St. Augustine, Florida, about an hour and a half north of Orlando, the alligator farm is the only facility in the world that exhibits all 23 species of crocodilian.

In an effort to get visitors right in there with these unique creatures, the zoo has installed a zipline adventure course that really does let you dangle above these snapping alligators. Just like their food.

Haha, yeah… no thanks.

There are two Crocodile Crossing courses that visitors can partake in: the 45-minute Sepik River Course which includes five ziplines, six metres above the ground, and the 90-minute Nile River Course that includes 11 ziplines about 18 metres above the ground. You’ll see live alligators and crocodiles right under your toes, tropical birds at eye level and even a few re-ruffed lemurs at arm’s length.

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You’ll fly, climb and zoom your way through the zoo on around 50 different obstacles. As park director John Brueggen told Travel + Leisure, “this is for people that are looking for a thrill [and] not for the faint of heart”.

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If that wasn’t enough for you, the farm also offers the death-defying Python Challenge which sees brave punters take an open air free-fall down three stories, with only a couple of wires keeping you from smashing into the ground. Remember to pack a change of underwear.

(Lead image: St Augustine Alligator Farm, Zach Thomas Photography)

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