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A Swedish Guy Is Offering A Free Stay On His Private Island

A Swedish Guy Is Offering A Free Stay On His Private Island

Got a creative project brewin’? We’ll just go out on a limb here and say that you’re probably struggling to get things off the ground with all these modern distractions. Wouldn’t it just be great if you would jet off to a private island in the middle of nowhere and really kick things into high brain gear? Seeing as the majority of us can’t afford to rent, let alone buy, a private island, that might just be a long lost pipe dream. Well, until now that is.


Swedish author Fredrik Härén is inviting creatives to come stay on his very aptly named Ideas Island for free. No, seriously. Härén is renting out two of his privately owned islands near Stockholm to people looking to grow their ideas in the peace and quiet of rural Sweden.

Härén describes the place as a “private island for you and your ideas” where there’ll be no distractions, no other people and little to no stress.


But there’s got to be a catch, right? Wrong. All you need to have is a creative endeavour in mind and be able to convince Härén why you deserve to stay on his island. Of course while all accommodation is free, you will have to make your own way there and pay for all your food. Härén also asks guests to make a relative donation to charity if that’s feasible for them. As he explains on his website, “I try to get a mix of different people and ideas – it is not always the ‘best’ idea that gets to go”.

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So what are you waiting for? Applications are now open.

(Images: Ideas Island)

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