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This Theme Park Looks Like The Most Surreal Place On Earth

This Theme Park Looks Like The Most Surreal Place On Earth

Minus Mickey Mouse, walking into Suoi Tien Theme Park may seem like you’re walking into a kind of bizarro Disneyland.

It’s mighty colourful, there’s a few fun rides and there’s even a cool theme behind the park, but one thing is for sure – we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

(Photo: Ingmar Zahorsky / Flickr)

Located just off the beaten track in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Suoi Tien is the world’s first and only Buddhist-themed adventure park. The theme park is built around ideals of spirits and demons with giant colourful sculptures of dragons, tortoises, phoenixes and Buddhas scattered across the site.


While almost all reviews of the park call it a ‘strange’ place, Suoi Tien is still one of the most popular theme parks in all of Vietnam, beloved by locals and visitors alike. The park’s message is about returning to the traditional roots of Vietnamese culture and with that they have created large and unique statues and colourful monuments celebrating the nation’s religious pride.

(Photo: Andrea Hale / Flickr)

Opening almost 20-years-ago and undergoing a makeover in recent years, Suoi Tien’s water park transformation is probably its most striking. A man-made beach erupts under a gigantic waterfall that spills from the face of an old Emperor. Tiny fish nip at your feet in those exfoliating ponds and you can even feed fresh meat on a stick to a giant pool of crocodiles.

(Photo: Mike Fernwood / Flickr)

There’s also regular theme park attractions like a zoo, an aquarium and a few lush green parks to enjoy.

While it may be a departure from Walt Disney’s esteemed parks, Suoi Tien certainly packs in a full day’s worth of activities with a healthy helping of kookiness on the side. Entry is cheap and you’ll be scratching your head at the majority of weird looking fish monuments, but it’ll be a fun day out for sure.

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(Lead image: Suoi Tien)

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