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Now You Can Zipline 70 Metres Above Niagra Falls

Now You Can Zipline 70 Metres Above Niagra Falls

Seriously, how weird are humans? We see the thundering Niagra Falls, sitting on the border of the US and Canada, we admire how they majestically spill over six million cubic feet of water per minute down a 51 metre drop, and we think, ‘Know what’s missing? The chance to hurl our bodies at extreme speeds through the open air above these falls. Let’s fix that.’

The Canadian side of Niagra Falls is now home to the ‘Mist Rider’ – four parallel ziplines that sit about 70 metres above the attraction, giving an unobstructed bird’s-eye view over Horseshoe Falls. Wildplay Element Parks have installed the lines, which zip riders 670 metres to the Falls observation landing at speeds of 70km/hr. Just an FYI, that’s much faster than Mother Nature intended for humans to move through this world, especially while dangling from a cord in the sky above one of her most spectacular creations.

The zipline costs $50USD ($65AUD), but you can pay extra to access the park’s other arial adventure courses and loose-line drops. Oh, and you have to sign a 17-page waiver to do it all. Commence cold sweats.

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Still, it’s definitely the most badass way to see the world-famous falls. Your move, United States.

(Lead image: WildPlay Element Parks/Facebook)

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