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Zipline To Your Room At This Jungle Retreat

Zipline To Your Room At This Jungle Retreat

Who needs roads or walkways when you can zip through this vast, verdant forrest on a series of navigable flying foxes – it’s like taking the best part of school camp and turning it into a wildlife experience.


These ziplines were built as part of a national wildlife preserve in the jungles of northern Laos. Named The Gibbon Experience, you can pretend you’re Tarzan and help the conservation of the forest and the small population of native black-crested gibbons while you’re at it.


It’s scientific proof that gibbons are the cutest species of all monkeys, and this ain’t no monkey business – about decade ago the gibbons faced mass extinction due to wild poaching but thanks to conservation efforts, the hunters of the Bokeo National Park were persuaded into becoming the forest’s natural guardians, and now protect the gibbons and other wildlife found across the area.


By day you’ll explore the jungle’s expansive lengths and go animal spotting for some tigers, leopards, black bears and native gibbons which wander the land, and at night you’ll zip over to your very own tree house which sits 40 metres above the ground.


While zipping isn’t too difficult (just get used to propelling yourself body first into the jungle at 40 kilometres per hour), the hardest part will be tearing your eyes off the pristine panoramic views long enough to focus on getting safely to your destination.

It’s $190USD ($262AUD) for the two day express package, but trust us, you’ll want to stay longer (maybe forever?) in this jungle paradise.

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