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Watch This Footage Of A Croc Racing A Boat Like A Goddamn Dolphin In Horror

Watch This Footage Of A Croc Racing A Boat Like A Goddamn Dolphin In Horror

While the rest of the world might view Australia as a place full of terrifying creatures looking to maim and kill, those of us living here know there are really only two creatures to fear: the magpie during Spring, and the crocodile. Yet another video of a croc has surfaced to help me double down on my point.

I’ve seen crocs in the wild a few times (from a safe distance), thanks to my extended family being country North Queenslanders. Every time they’ve always been lying on a bank, or chilling in the water, barely moving. Even most photos and videos you see, they’re moving so lazily, if at all, that I’d somehow come to assume all they had for catching prey was the element of surprise and a quick jump from the water. I realise this assumptions goes against what I’ve been told, but there you have it.

But a new video has emerged to shatter that belief and make me even more certain that crocodiles are small dinosaurs that are absolutely terrifying.

Queensland fisherman Alec Dunn filmed a four and a half metre croc racing alongside his tinny boat in Bloomfield River, north of Cairns, acting just like an actual dolphin — that would love to snack on your for dinner.

“He came up with this growl and locked eyes with me. I was only in a 3.5metre tinny and he cruised right next to me. It was interesting,” Alec told Cairns Post.

“He was gaffing it for that deep water. He was sizing me up and I thought he was going to go for the tinny, but lucky he didn’t”.

Lucky indeed.

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Apparently this type of behaviour from a crocodile is super unusual, so I’m not insane. It’s also a pretty deadly sign if you’re unlucky enough to witness it.

“That’s an angry dive down, not one we usually see when they are just hiding,” explained Daintree River crocodile guide David White to DailyMail. “That’s a pissed off croc”.

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