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You Can Stay In This Tiny Party House In Las Vegas

You Can Stay In This Tiny Party House In Las Vegas

While Vegas is famed for everything that is big, bigger and biggest, a tiny little house in the city is showing us that fun things really can come in smaller packages.

With tiny homes becoming more and more popular, it was only a matter of time before someone turned them into hotels. This one in Vegas, named the SugarShack, is situated right in the centre of one of Vegas’ most dynamic, young party scenes. Right on your doorstep you’ve got ‘The Backyard’, a courtyard part of the Gold Spike hotel. It’s filled nightly games like giant Jenga, giant Twister and a bunch of live music to boot. It’s mayhem. And it looks like such fun!

Photo: Gold Spike

The house itself has two beds, a pullout couch, a kitchen and a bathroom, all crammed into 31 square metres. It’s also partially solar powered and has its own fireplace. Like most tiny homes, it looks freakin’ awesome.

sugar shack 22
Photo: Goldspike

However, being in the middle of the action means you’re always, well, in the middle of the action. If you wanted a decent amount of shut eye, or a relaxing, private room, then the Sugar Shack probably isn’t your jam. If you want a tiny house with gigantic games, you’ve found your perfect match.

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Prices start from $335AUD per night. But can you really put a price on giant jenga? I think not. Head here for more details.

(Lead image: Gold Spike)

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