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Say Hello To Your New Robot Suitcase/Best Friend

Say Hello To Your New Robot Suitcase/Best Friend

There’s a new robot suitcase that follows you around and listens to your voice commands. We can only imagine it will be exactly like having your own R2D2, but instead of an intergalactic map, it’s filled with clothes and beauty products and stuff. Beep boop.

With AI technology, voice recognition and an ability to weave through crowds, TravelMate is the suitcase of the scientific future. That’s right, in the future, we won’t even have to use our hands to transport our luggage.

“Hello master, what country are we off to? Beep boop.”

The TravelMate has a chargeable battery that lasts for four hours, LED lighting to indicate battery strength/look cool on the streetz and an accompanying app so you know where your suitcase is at all times. It follows you up to a speed of 10km an hour and can stop or start with a sound or gesture. You can order it in small carry-on size, medium or large.

The project kicked off as a campaign on Indiegogo, and reached 1637 per cent of its funding goal. Which is huge. People really, really don’t want to carry their own luggage it would seem.


It’s available for preorder on the Indiegogo page now and deliveries are set to start rolling out in June.

The real question in all of this is: are we ready? Can we handle a small moveable object reliably following us around and carrying our stuff? I certainly can’t. It’s why I don’t have children. Too impressionable. What if we do something wrong to the tiny robot suitcases, and they grow to resent us, leading to the first robot uprising?

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My money’s on the carry-on size leading the revolution. Sneaky little suckers.

(All images: Travelmate)

Start packing for your next adventure now. 

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