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Las Vegas Is Getting An Insane, Extremely-Vegas Karaoke Temple

Las Vegas Is Getting An Insane, Extremely-Vegas Karaoke Temple

You’d think Las Vegas has everything a weekend warrior could want, including 24-hour gambling, pool clubs with big-name DJs, world-class restaurants and the old school charms of downtown.

But you know what’s always been missing from the hedonistic Strip? A high-end, super-sized karaoke bar, apparently.

In February 2020, Vegas will welcome Kamu Ultra Karaoke, a 17,000-plus-square-foot space dedicated to singing badly with your friends. The venue features 40 private karaoke suites across an expansive floor plan, with bottle service (this is Vegas, after all) and a catalog of thousands of songs. There are even six VIP suites for those high-rollers on a bucks/hens bender.


The design of Kamu Ultra Karaoke is also a long way from your neighbourhood karaoke dive. Visitors to the bar are greeted by “a digital water curtain dance” synched to music, and there are also classy food options from celebrity chef Chris Oh. Whether your vocal warm-up requires oysters or churro donut holes, it’s apparently all covered.

And here’s another only-in-Vegas quirk: this place will keep insane hours. All ages are welcome from 12 noon to 8pm each day, then it’s ‘adults only’ until 8am (!). The Kamu Ultra Karaoke is set to open at Grand Canal Shoppes, the vast shopping centre that spans the Palazzo and the Venetian Hotel. (Yes, the one where you can take a highly surreal gondola ride.)

Check out a brief teaser from Kamu Ultra Karaoke below, and start practicing your signature songs.

(Lead image: Kamu Ultra Karaoke)

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