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An Adorable Tiny House Boat Exists For You To Travel Around In

An Adorable Tiny House Boat Exists For You To Travel Around In

If you, like me, have ever thought “tiny houses are excellent, but they’d be so much better if they could float,” well, I’ve got extremely good news for you. Someone has invented a new tiny house boat that you can latch onto the back of your car.

The genius, pod-like invention is called a Sealander and was invented for travellers to enjoy a perfectly rounded holiday on land and sea.


The hybrid vessel is fitted out with all the necessary equipment you need for a self-contained life on the road. You’ve got a cooktop, radio, sink, fridge cooler and foldaway bed. You even have the option to add on a shower and portable BBQ if you want to take the convenience to the next level.


The best part? The top pops up so you can sail the blue seas with the glorious breeze in your hair.


After you’ve finished your day of fishing and barbecuing on your tiny, adorable boat, you can just pack ‘er up and zoom to the next destination.

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The Sealander is currently only available for purchase in Europe and North America. With the price tag at a cool $40,000AUD, we have a lot of time to save up for one before they land in Australia.

(All images: Sealander/Facebook)

Ready to plan an adventure on land and sea? Ahoy!

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