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You Can Get Paid To Travel The World Drinking Cocktails

You Can Get Paid To Travel The World Drinking Cocktails

Everyone, this is not a drill. There’s a job up for grabs that involves travelling the world tasting cocktails. The full-time position is very real – and you’ll get paid for it too.

The senior role is for a ‘Master Sensory Designer’ and it’s been recently advertised by Swedish vodka company, Absolut.

The successful candidate must have a “creative nose, a trend-sensitive tongue, and a love of vodka”, and be someone who has blending skills and an understanding of taste and aroma. You’ll use these attributes to help Absolut develop delicious new products.


The position of a lifetime is now available because the current Sensory Expert, Per Hermansson – who carries the nickname “The Billion Dollar Nose” – has retired after an impressive 40 years. A job well done, Per.

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If you aren’t sure if you have the nose for it, you can take this test. If you pass, get familiar with the position description then email [email protected] to apply.

Well, some poor soul has to do it. Right?

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