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You Can Dial This Number & Chat To A Random Swedish Person

You Can Dial This Number & Chat To A Random Swedish Person

In today’s “aww, cute” news, the Swedish Tourism Association have launched an international telephone number that can be used by people worldwide to speak to.. well… Sweden!

The Swedish Number lets intrigued foreigners connect and chat to random Swedish people, about any topic, at any time. The initiative celebrates the 250th anniversary of Sweden’s abolishment of censorship, and to honour this landmark occasion, Sweden is now the very first country in the world to introduce their own phone number, +46 771 793 336 – it’s actually +46 771 SWEDEN. Cute!


So who will you be talking to? Well, anyone who lives in Sweden can sign up to be an Ambassador and receive calls from across the world. Since it’s launch on April 6, there have been almost 47,000 incoming calls, and over 110 days worth of total call time accrued.

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The best part is you’re allowed to talk about anything and everything. No topic is off limits: anything from the Northern Lights, IKEA’s meatballs, ABBA, technology or just the weather there and how it’s different to here. If you’ve ever wanted to know what living in complete darkness for half the year feels like, now’s your chance.

BRB, just calling Sweden as asking if we can move there ASAP.

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