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The World’s Last Blockbuster Just Got Listed On Airbnb For A Teensy $5.50

The World’s Last Blockbuster Just Got Listed On Airbnb For A Teensy $5.50

How many of you just went to a very nostalgic place when you read Blockbuster in the headline? To a place of picking The Spice Girls Movie every time you went, a place of high school sleepovers where your friends forced you to endure every scary-arse movie they could find and a place of excessive pizza and Malteasers.

Those memories are all but gone now, except that time the Melbourne bar Royal Stacks re-vamped the video chain in their backroom.


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What you may not realise is that there actually is one final Blockbuster left in the world, and the owner just turned it into an Airbnb.

Store manager Sandi Harding, has kept the last-standing Blockbuster running in a town called Bend in Oregon, USA since since 2004. Now she’s kicking things up a notch by throwing 90s-themed sleep overs.

From August 17, lucky residents of the local county can in to stay at the Blockbuster (and yes, it’ll be kitted out with beds and such) over just three nights. The people who get in first will get their stay, PLUS unlimited movie rental for just USD$4 (just over $5.50), which if we recall the olden-day deals, is even better than that five weekly rentals package.

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While it may seem like the USA get all the best Airbnb, what with this on AND that Harry Potter house, just calm down because Australia has some super cool options too.

While I’ll admit ‘Merica does a theme like no other, you definitely need to check out these super unique accommodation options right here in Australia, where we can actually travel right now. Not to be overlooked are these really cute joints on Airbnb for under $100.

If you’ve actually managed to hold on to a video, or a video player for that matter, maybe just take them with you and throw your own nostalgia night? I don’t know.

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