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ALDI Is Treating Your Aching WFH Body With A Bargain Massage Gun For Only $89

ALDI Is Treating Your Aching WFH Body With A Bargain Massage Gun For Only $89

Last weekend, I finally took my incredibly knotted work-from-home self into the massage therapist for a treat myself day. She ended the session an hour later by begging me to come back very soon because she still didn’t have enough time to work all the knots out of my shoulders.

Why did I just ramble on about my personal life? To make the point that all of our posture kind of sucks right now — being stuck at home and all — and you’re all probably feeling just as tight and sore as I am. Yet, who has the money to pay $100 plus every time they need a massage?

Enter ALDI and their Special Buys, patron saints of ‘tight arses who still enjoy the finer things in life’ everywhere.

This Saturday August 15, they’ll be slinging a whole bunch of workout gear for excellent prices, but the stand out is absolutely their ‘Fitness Massage Gun‘ with a bunch of interchangeable heads for a ridiculously good $89.99.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the ads for these things, but they’re normally at least over $100, and the name brand offerings start from well over $400. Here’s the first video I could find, to give you an idea of how it works:

Looks like I’ll be spending yet another Saturday morning rushing over to beat the oldies to the front of my local ALDI line.

If having your muscles pummelled into relaxations isn’t your vibe, then perhaps you’ll be excited for the boxing tower and bag set up, or stationary spin bike, both for a decent $199.

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There’s also a few home strength training items from $7.99 each, and a range of workout gear from tights for $14.99 to hoodies for $19.99.

Anyway, as always with these mega deals you’ve got to get in quick to nab them — but please still be smart with social distancing. You can check out the full range of upcoming Special Buys right here on their website.

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