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This Photo Of Buttered Milk Arrowroot Biccies Is Hitting Aussies Right In The Childhood

This Photo Of Buttered Milk Arrowroot Biccies Is Hitting Aussies Right In The Childhood

A memory I had completely forgotten until today, was my grandparents serving up buttered Arnott’s Milk Arrowroot biccies as a totally normal afternoon snack.

I thought nothing of it at the time, and didn’t realise that maybe it’s a weird thing to do until Jayden Wright shared a photo of his own (very heavily) buttered Arrowroots to an Aussie nostalgia Facebook group, Old Shops Australia.

Image: Facebook / Jayden Wright

I’m not the only one suffering serious nostalgia flashbacks either, the people, they are going mental.

While I’m fully prepared to admit this treat looks completely gross, I can tell I’m not going crazy for remembering them as being delish. The comment section on the photo is backing me up — although to be fair, excitement seems to be directly related to a person’s age. This was definintley a Boomer thing, after all.

“I had forgotten about this! I am so reinstating it in my life,” one woman wrote, and frankly, same. “The only way to eat them,” agreed another.

While some were lamenting the frankly ridiculously thick layer of butter Jayden seems to enjoy, others were very clear that it was a whole slab or nothing.

“My mum put a slab of butter on arrowroots. no thin sliver for her,” noted another commenter.

Things really get a bit strange though, when you delve into the comments explaining other ways people ate their Arrowroots.

I mean some make sense, like the people remembering them with pink icing and sprinkles on top, because making those was basically how your parents kept you entertained when they also cbf buying a whole bunch of things. Even adding Vegemite is pretty common, because it’s Australia after all.


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But then, there are the others.

“You must try it with Turkish delight. Absolutely devine!” said a comment, who was absolutely lying.

“When we were kids we had it in a dish with hot milk as a breakfast cereal,” said another, and I have so many questions. There is just NO WAY this tasted any good. Like, please just buy cornflakes. This is not how you do breakfast.

In summary, Australians are cooked, and we do weird things to our food then somehow convince ourselves that it’s a tasty treat.

Having said that, I’m still off to buy Arrowroots, bye.

(Lead Image: Facebook / Jayden Wright)

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