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Aldi Is Heading Back To The ’80s With Huge Care Bears And Pound Puppies Sale

Aldi Is Heading Back To The ’80s With Huge Care Bears And Pound Puppies Sale

Everything that was old is new again in 2020: baking, cross stitch, a night of puzzling. Heck even Milk Arrowroot biccies with butter (just like Grandma made them) are doing the rounds again. So it just makes sense that Aldi is bringing back Pound Puppies.

If you’re too young to remember, Pound Puppies were plush dog toys that popped up in the 80s along with Cabbage Patch Dolls (royalty of the toy world). Apparently they even got a TV show, but I can’t remember it at all so I’m not sure it was still around by the 90s.

Look at this thing though, terrifying:

Anyway, the dogs are cute, they’re fluffy, they’re in need of a good home and they came with a sticker sheet, name tag and adoption certificate. Just in case you missed out on all the crazed pet adoptions that happened during lockdown.

Aldi has announced they’ll be selling an “authentic reproduction of the 1980’s Pound Puppy” as part of their Special Buys sale on Saturday, October 31. This is probably the best Halloween treat you’ll get, to be honest.

Just in case your nostalgia wasn’t already off the charts, you can also nab yourself a Care Bear in the same haul. Best Friend Bear and Hopeful Heart Bear will both be hitting the shelves on Halloween too. So will a plush Elmo, though I’m not sure that’s necessarily nostalgic.

You can check out the Special Buys here.

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(Lead Image: Aldi)

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