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Class Up Your Next Shindig With These Slick Party Boats For Any Budget

Class Up Your Next Shindig With These Slick Party Boats For Any Budget

Events haven’t been much of a ‘thing’ this year, with Covid restrictions limiting numbers and venue options — shout-out to everyone who had a milestone birthday in lockdown. Funnily enough, this fact appears to have been sending everyone ocean-bound.

Private boat hire company, Flotespace, has recorded a massive 400 percent growth in the last three months, with 90 percent of recent bookings being made for private events. Honestly, it’s genius and a good way to make your events memorable even though they can’t be as large.

I know what you’re thinking though, this is only an option for bougie bitches. I get it, I never even considered boat hire for the same reason. Surprisingly, it can actually be as little as $17.50 per guest, per hour — and yes, that includes people to drive the ship.

Grab your nautical-themed outfits, because here are nine boats you can hire in NSW and QLD  no matter what your budget. Just be sure to check current regulations on private gathering limits before you send out the invites.

#9 One Ocean, Sydney

Total price per hour: $350

Guest capacity: 20

A boat perfect for a tighter budget that still wants to keep it sleek. There’s loads of deck space to lounge in the sun, as well as an undercover section when you need some time out and two eskies for your drinks.

#8 MV Salute, Sydney

Total price per hour: $350

Guest capacity: 12

She’s a pretty one. A more intimate size for your closest mates, the MV Salute is particularly popular for romantic rendezvous (the poor captain), families getting out on the harbour and bridal parties.

#7 Major Tom, Sydney

Total price per hour: $500

Guest capacity: 34

This classic Sailing Yacht is starting to get to a slightly higher capacity, with a large deck to hold everybody, plus a cute indoor lounge area.

#6 Fleetwing II, Sydney

Total price per hour: $550

Guest capacity: 46

We’re getting pretty luxe now, with two stories and a heck of a lot of space to spread out onto — including four entertaining areas. It’s still only $11.95 per person though, once we’re back to full capacity events of course.

#5 John Oxley, Sydney

Total price per hour: $600

Guest capacity: 49

Stop everything, because this one has an inflatable slide from the top sun deck and that’s frankly all I need to know. I mean yeah ok, the super cute yellow and white stripes speak to me too.

#4 Enigma, Sydney

Total price per hour: $990

Guest capacity: 41

She’s got brand new furnishngs, she’s custom built and she’s a yacht — all things you expect to hear bandied about on a show like Dynasty. Still just over $24 per person at full capacity though.

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#3 Spirit, North Queensland

Total price per hour: $1800

Guest capacity: 12

Just when you thought they were all in Sydney, this beauty will take you out to the island and ocean-life packed waters of North Queensland. It’s got all the gear on board too, like wake boards, paddle boards, snorkelling equipment and Jet Skis.

#2 Qantum, Sydney

Total price per hour: $2750

Guest capacity: 45

Ok yes, these last two are definitely bougie bitches, and I want in. This yacht has a six star rated interior (who knew that was a thing), and all the extra luxe comforts.

#1 Ghost II, Sydney

Total price per hour: $2800

Guest capacity: 110

She’s a big boi. Stretching 37 metres long and holding more people than you probably know, this vessel screams “I’m an Instagram influencer and these are the people I barely know”. It’s often hired for larger events, like like weddings and Christmas parties.

(All Images: Provided / Flotespace)

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