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The ‘Airbnb For Swimming Pools’ Is Coming To Australia Later This Year

The ‘Airbnb For Swimming Pools’ Is Coming To Australia Later This Year

When it comes to beating the heat when the temperatures begin to climb, not much can beat a pool day. And when it comes to travelling, unless you’re staying in a hotel, finding a pool to lounge beside or dip your toes into can prove challenging. Well, until now.

Introducing Swimply: the Airbnb for swimming pools.


This new online marketplace allows pool-owners to rent their pools by the hour while they aren’t being used.

Here’s how it works. The pool-owner creates a listing on the Simply website for swimmers to view at their leisure. They’ll be able to suss out all the details, see reviews and request a time or date to use the pool. Then, voila! You’ve got your very own pool to enjoy for as long as you’ve booked it for.

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Image: Alexandru Acea / Unsplash

Plus, some come with added extras, like BBQs, pool toys, waterslides, spas and basketball courts. Did someone say pool party?

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At the moment, Swimply has listings in almost 20 states across the US, has just launched in Toronto, Canada, with has plans to launch here in Australia later this year, just in time for summer.

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(Lead image: Derek Owens / Unsplash) 

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