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Pizza Cones Are A Thing In Melbourne Now For Some Reason

Pizza Cones Are A Thing In Melbourne Now For Some Reason

Great news everybody, pizza cones have arrived in Melbourne. Finally, amiright? Visitors to Japan have long been mystified by the strange invention – is it a pizza? Is it an ice cream? What’s wrong with just eating a regular slice of pizza? Don’t they know pizza is great as it is? – and now, at Kono Pizza in the eastern suburbs, Melburnites too can eat their pizza cones while being all like:   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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No more flippy-floppy dough or toppings falling off before they enter your mouth – you can now instead enjoy your pizza the way the no one ever intended: in a cone of dough.


The original Kono Pizza is a treat in Japan, where offering pizza shaped like an ice cream cone seems like a pretty normal thing to find next to the raw horse meat or fried chicken cartilage at your local restaurant.

Chow down on classic toppings like Meat Lovers, Aussie and Margherita or go all out with the dessert pizzas filled with S’mores and Chocolate Hazelnuts flavour.

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You can dive into the crazy world of coned shaped pizza at Kono Pizza at Jam Factory in Melbourne.

Your pizza cone awaits. Check out Qantas flights to Melbourne here.

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