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Rent A Private Pool For You And Your Mates This Summer With The ‘Airbnb Of Pools’

Rent A Private Pool For You And Your Mates This Summer With The ‘Airbnb Of Pools’

Pool Rental: Swimply, The Airbnb Of Pools, Launches In Australia Today

Summer is the best season, fact, but it can be hard to get through the hot months if you don’t have easy access to the beach or a pool. That’s where pool rental app Swimply comes in — it’s like Airbnb but for pools, and we’re absolutely obsessed with it.

How did we survive until 2019 without pool sharing? The concept is simple: people who are lucky enough to own a pool can rent it out to the rest of us by the hour.


Here’s how it works: download the Swimply app and search through all the listings nearby. You can filter by all the basic stuff like date, time, and how many people will be splish splashing. But you can also narrow your search down to find pools that come with lush extras like BBQs, wifi, deck chairs and pool toys.

“Australians love the outdoors and with the country’s long summers we are excited to be able to democratise the pool experience so every Australian can enjoy affordable access to this summertime luxury, while at the same time, help pool owners earn some extra cash on the side by renting out their pool on Swimply,” said Bunim Laskin, founder and CEO of Swimply.


Swimply launched today after taking the US and Canada by storm. So far there are only a few pool rental listings Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but more are sure to pop up as we get closer to summer.

If you’re keen to jump in ASAP, Swimply is offering new users a 20 percent discount on their first pool rental until December 31. Just use the code SWIMDOWNUNDER when you’re booking your pool to get the deal.

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You know what to do: drop into the group chat right now to start planning your epic private pool party.

Download Swimply for free for iOS and Android now.

(Lead image: Jakob Owens / Unsplash)

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